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23/02/2022Sparkling Direct


Top Tips On Picking The Perfect Wine Hamper

Sparkling Direct pride themselves on their collection of Wine Hampers. With many different choices, Buy-British asked if they had some tips on picking the right one for you or the lucky intended.

Start with what you enjoy

There’s no point in picking a hamper that won’t be enjoyed, so think about your preferences. For example, you can rule out white or rose if you love red wine.

If you’re new to wine, it’s best to start with a white or rose, as these are less rich and will provide a light introduction to the tastes and flavours of wine. The same with determining whether you prefer a chocolate or pate hamper. Both provide different tastes so choosing between the two is important.

Take a look at what’s being offered.

For instance, Sparkling Direct offer a wide range of wines in their hampers, so it’s worth taking a look at all the bottles on offer. This can vary from a rich Cabernet Sauvignon to a light and fruity rose, so consider what you could choose before narrowing it down.

This will open you up to being inspired by what you see. If you’re looking to try something new, you won’t find anything until you widen your search.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

You don’t know until you try. Sometimes the best way to discover a new favourite is to take a leap of faith and try something different.

For example, if you love rose wine but have never tasted it with chocolate, why not give it a go? This retailer pairs each hamper to ensure a delicious taste no matter which one you pick. This means that there’s far less chance of dislike and more chance of success!

Consider recommendations

If you’re really struggling, the best place to turn is to recommendations and reviews, but reviews are just a guide by individual evaluations and their preferences may be too heavy, sweet, or too dry, whereas you don't like such. Still unsure, then consult Sparkling Direct with your questions and see what they recommend. They offer a range hampers that work really well for those that don’t know which one to pick.

Thousands of suggestions can be found in Sparkling Direct's web site, social media and blog pages. Their job is to please people with a drink or gift, so they really know what they are talking about.

For over 20 years, Sparkling Direct has been providing next day gift delivery across the UK. Packaged in beautiful hand-packed gift boxes, send from the range of presents to say everything from 'Happy Birthday' to 'Sorry You’re Leaving'.

They even offer a range of gift boxes with stamped lids for different occasions and recipients as well as delivering corporate gifts, dinners and awards with over 1000 different gift combinations.